LandLocked Magazine is an online literary magazine that considers what it means to explore an unnavigable place and represents our Kansas boundary lines along with those lines we cross in writing.  LandLocked seeks writing that is innovative, that pushes beyond the dense thicket of the unexplorable. We accept all genres―speculative, realistic, and those hybrid bodies of works yet to be named. We want new voices, experienced voices, and everything in between. Send us your weird, your reality, your resistance.

LandLocked Magazine is a reinvention of Beecher’s Magazine. For eight years, Beecher’s served as a sign of rebellion in title, a nod to the abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher who claimed that, “There was more moral power in a Sharps rifle than there was in the Bible.” Following his speech, the Sharps rifle quickly became known as a ‘Beecher’s Bible.’

While at the time of Beecher’s founding this name reflected the spirit of militant anti-racism,  now we want to distance ourselves and our magazine from the unintended associations with American gun culture. Our literary magazine still celebrates rebels, but instead of taking up arms we are taking up rebellious writings.