Submission Guidelines

LandLocked is open for submissions in August and closes April 1. 

LandLocked seeks to publish diverse voices, including works by writers who are people of color, queer, transgender, disabled, indigenous, international, and/or underrepresented in literary magazines.

We do not accept previously published work. We accept and encourage simultaneous submissions, but please contact us immediately upon acceptance elsewhere. Please submit only once per reading period unless solicited or invited to resubmit by an editor. You may, however, submit to multiple genres within the same reading period. If you have been published in our journal, please wait at least one year from the time of publication to submit again. We do not accept submissions from anyone who’s attended the University of Kansas within the last five years. Please see specific genre requirements below before submitting. After reading the following guidelines, submit at our Submittable page:


Poetry Guidelines

We are interested in work that pushes the boundaries of tradition, both in content and form. We seek strong imagery and language that moves us and can reveal power even in quietness. We are open to your experimentations and are especially interested in work that is speculative, surreal, fragmented, and lyrical. We welcome and strongly encourage underrepresented voices. Please send 3–5 poems of no more than 20 pages in total. Please submit only one once per reading period.

Fiction Guidelines

We want fiction that deploys sharp detail, unique and complex characters, evocative language, and a memorable voice. We want stories of literary quality and encourage fantastical and speculative literature. Most importantly, though, we want immersive storytelling that lingers with the reader long after the last page. Send us your most imaginative and challenging writing in ​6,000 words or fewer. Please submit only one story per submission period.

Flash Guidelines

We are interested in flash fiction that deploys sharp detail, complexity, evocative language, a memorable voice, and the poetic possibility offered by this shorter genre. We want pieces of literary quality and encourage the fantastical and the speculative. Most importantly, though, we want immersive writing that lingers with the reader long after the last sentence. Send us up to 3 pieces of flash up to 1,000 each. Please submit only once per submission period.

Nonfiction Guidelines

We love being challenged and surprised, both in content and in form. We are looking for pieces that push us to see through a particular lens and experience otherwise underrepresented perspectives. We are especially drawn to pieces that challenge the boundaries of the genre, incorporate fictional and poetic elements, and make us question how “creative” nonfiction can be. Please submit either one piece under 6,000 words or up to 3 pieces under 1,000 words each. Please only submit once per submission period.

Hybrid Forms Guidelines

We strongly support and encourage experimental and hybrid work, but that sometimes includes work that cannot be neatly categorized into one of the above genres. If you feel your work falls into multiple genres, or lies outside of fiction, flash, nonfiction, poetry, or art, or if you aren’t sure yourself which genre your work might fit into, feel free to make use of this submission option. Please peruse our guidelines for our other genres to get a feel for the work we’re looking to publish. We understand hybrid and experimental forms can sometimes be difficult to put a length cap on, so we ask that you use your best judgement while keeping in mind that for longer pieces, we prefer work under 6,000 words and/or 20 pages. For shorter pieces, we prefer that you submit up to 3 pieces of under 1,000 words and/or 4 pages each.

Translation Guidelines

There is not a separate submission form for translations, so please submit your translations, along with the original text, to the appropriate genre from those listed above. All translations must meet the criteria outlined in their corresponding genre guidelines. Please note that for translations of non-public domain texts, you must have the permission of the original language author to publish both their original text and your translation. Additionally,  you must include the original author’s name and contact information with your submission.*

Art Guidelines

We want images that compel us to action, art that makes the page feel alive. We’re interested in all different mediums and encourage experimental pieces. Please make sure all submissions are either .jpg or PNG files and as high-quality as possible. Submitted art may have previously been recognized for an award, but should not be previously published. “Published” here includes work shared on social media accounts, websites, and anywhere else online. Please only send one packet of 1-6 pieces at a time and wait for our response before submitting again. Please include all pieces in the same submission; do not send multiple submissions at once.

Note: We do accept and encourage photographs of your 3D art mediums such as cross stitching, embroidery, and more, but please be sure that the photographs are of high quality and show only the artwork itself against a plain background.

*Upon acceptance, both you and the original author will be required to sign a publication contract. Publication will not proceed without receipt of signed contracts from both parties.