Chaplets Issue 2.1

For AWP this year, we designed four chaplets featuring selections of artwork, poetry, and prose that we published in Issue 2.1. We’ve been really excited about the chaplets we made and wanted to be able to share them with more people, particularly if you need something to do at home right now. So, for a limited time, we will be posting the files for our chaplets below! All you need to do is click on the chaplet to open the document, print it, and follow the folding instructions and you will have your very own mini magazine at home! We will be posting one new chaplet per day until all four are up, so be sure to check back here frequently. They won’t be here forever, so make sure to print as many as you’d like now!


Chaplet 1:

Featuring artwork by Savannah and Evan D. Williams and nonfiction by T Guzman.

Chaplet 2: 

Featuring artwork by Jodie Filan and poetry by Roseanna Alice Boswell, Julia Aloi, and Alahnna Alvarado.

Chaplet 3:

Featuring artwork by Britnie Walston, nonfiction by Katherine Suppa, and poetry by Hannah Cajandig-Taylor and Remi Recchia.

Chaplet 4:

Featuring artwork by Guilherme Bergamini and poetry by Brendan Allen, Jacob Griffin Hall, and Hannah Cajandig-Taylor.